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The ULTIMATE VIRTUAL REALITY Shooter! (Contractors VR Funny Moments)

Playing the brand new VR shooter, Contractors!…. or trying our best to at least… Game: Played on: …


31 thoughts on “The ULTIMATE VIRTUAL REALITY Shooter! (Contractors VR Funny Moments)

  1. Ted Backus Reply

    it seems that MANY gamers dont understand that VR headsets sense the height they are off of a floor. so if the player wearing the VR headset is tall, they are tall in game. i dont understand why SO many players freak out when they notice height differences in game.

  2. Dr. A.I. Kryptanical Reply

    1 side of me scoffs at the amount of likes and subs compared to other tubers then I think of my own efforts to do such a thing on my alternate account and I remember how much harder than people think it is it really is and even with vr and only a couple hundred thousand… and I use "only" lightly

    just stop for a second to think if you was in a stadium with over 163,000 just how jam packed that stadium would be just close your eyes for a second and all of a sudden yeah it my not be over a million but today a person can get more viewers than a startup alt band in the 80's and it's not just one gig it's a full time deal… it shows how hard you guys work and if I wasn't in games design and I went into streaming or tubing it would be just as hard….

    maybe even harder than games design, games design is institutionalised now but streaming and tubing as a profession is still in infancy like games development back in the 80's some people will scoff but the fact is tubers and streamers put so much effort into their content and do it almost everyday and they don't have a teacher over their shoulder helping them get up and do it in the morning and certainly not all are understood by family shouting at them to get a real job….

    I appreciate the effort in your vids man I can tell you work just as hard as any of the heavy hitters to give us content right i'm rambling again I wasn't sure whether to combine the two walls sorry about this man!

    But I figured you should know, keep doing what you are doing and live the dream!

  3. Dr. A.I. Kryptanical Reply

    damn that's black desert or anthem or star citizen level shading right there love it last theres on vr game out there thats gonna look this real(i know there are more but this is the standard i'm looking for realistic graphic games) I can't wait till star citizen adds vr one day on that day it will be a good day! the other option is video… games (see what I did there) like that one based on the assassins creed movie that vr movie looked good I'm hoping for games like that one day can anyone say holodeck…

    anyways now I think about it the aesthetics here remind me of videos of what i've seen of cod blops 4 in ir's battle royale mode or that might just be the colour palette anyways aside from fudgy and josh dub (who for a while I thought could be the same person till I did a side by side of their voices) your the only other vr gamer doing fps games that i've seen and since neither joshdub or fudgy appear to be releasing any new footage in that area I am gonna enjoy every episode you have to offer in a backwards chronological order!

  4. Gods Son Reply

    Hey there is a way to change the eye that records to your dominant eye/hand….so we can see down you sites as you aim….you're right handed and the it's set to record the left eyes vision…can you figure out how to change it to record your right eyes vision..

  5. Hi There Reply

    I have a idea for a Unturned RP, you should roleplay as a site director in Scorpion 7 before everything went to hell. After a containment breach, you get knocked back into the wall of the infected that caused the breach. You get unconscious and you awake a few days later only to find yourself in the back of an Ural. You were rescued by the military! However, plot twist! They get ambushed by multiple raiders, as a gunfight goes on, you run into the forest, hoping that you would escape the gunfight and find a safe zone. It's your choice on whatever happens after this.

    Here's what I think you should be wearing in the first few episodes:
    Biohazard Suit
    A random SMG
    Spec Ops Rucksack

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