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Full Body Trolling in VRChat!(No No Square Edition)

Once again I’m trolling people in VRChat by doing random things IRL in order find out how well the Vive Trackers actually track! If you haven’t already make sure …


38 thoughts on “Full Body Trolling in VRChat!(No No Square Edition)

  1. ChrisQuitsReality Reply

    Thanks for being patient and I hope you enjoyed my suffering!

    Elemental is the VRChat "Kermit Hub" creator and has made almost all the Kermit Avatars I've used, he's also a chill dude and has been helping out a lot. Show him some love by taking a peak at his Channel. He plans to do some skits and other VRChat content down the road!

    Lastly the avatars used in the Thumbnail are
    gothschoolpup by Bleach_ found in "Bleaches Avatar World"
    PinkBrush(Twitter@blueasis) by BlueASIS found in "NO NO LIMBO"

  2. Chris S Reply

    This guy is a fucking tank… I would be in the hospital after just one of these stunts.. how is this guy alive after all this shit? This guy is amazing!

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