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Call of Duty 3 – Mission 2 — The Island (Part 1 of 2)

Hey guys! This is mission 2 of Call of Duty 3, “The Island”. (wii edition) I hope you enjoy and I am an “average Joe” trying to make it out of a level just to let you …


26 thoughts on “Call of Duty 3 – Mission 2 — The Island (Part 1 of 2)

  1. MultiBeast301 Reply

    This game was historically pinpoint accurate with this mission. I did some research on this battle and the way it was described on the site was exactly how it was portrayed on the game.

  2. Youhavetherighttobewrong Reply

    Why the roumanian army wasn't mentioned ???ROmania lose many soldiers at Stalingrad, in Slovakia,and protecting our land.This was a duty.Roumanians been at war and play braverly because we was wanted our land Moldova.Russians destroyed us and many countries in Europe with that shity comunism.

  3. SpeedStarTMQ Reply

    How are you playing this game? The actual Wii game has horrendous amounts of lag which stop all control input at this first battle in the field, yet I've checked a few of your videos and not seen it at all!

  4. ReaperFrench Reply

    @jasminmemic yea true but the thing that i like in the cod 3 is when u encounter an enemy and u have to push buttins or in like wii u have to move the controls to beat him and the only thing that is really surprising is that price in cod 2 looks like he has like 40 years and he is up to mw3 he should be 80 by that time!!

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