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Want to see what game trailers released this week? New Game trailers this week 12th August to 18th August 2019 Need for Speed Heat – Official Reveal Trailer …


35 thoughts on “NEW GAME TRAILERS THIS WEEK | 12th August 2019

  1. No_Talent_Guy Reply

    WOW! I loved this whole video! Those trailers are amazing! Really just dope ๐Ÿ”ฅ Those balls destroyed everything in they way, lol xD Keep the awesome work you are doing! You are simply incredible

  2. Roger Carleton Reply

    NFS looks ok
    Pokemon doesn't look very good
    The Falconer trailer didn't look interesting
    Rock of Ages 3 might be ok creating your own levels
    Monkey King looks ok might be interesting
    Blair Witch looks good, the trailer didn't show much
    Asterix looks good
    Utawarerumono Is ok I guess lol
    Frost Punk Interesting
    Jump Force crap ๐Ÿ™‚
    Waltz of the Wizard crap too
    Psikyo Nice retro
    Flow scape Very cool
    PC Builder looks good
    DemonPit Crap
    Codevein Ok I guess
    Wreckfest could be a good one
    Letter interesting
    TSW very cool and interesting
    Dungeons and Dragons always good
    Session crap
    Borderlands 3 not too good

    Great video, some good ones and some crappy games.

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